Coron-AVoid®™ Antibacterial Sanitizing Face & Hand Mist is here!

Tarsem Singh

In response to the Coronavirus, we introduce this specially formulated all natural Face & Hand Antibacterial Sanitizing Mist. With two pumps of this all natural antibacterial sanitizing mist on your face over your mouth and nose area and over your eye area (eyes closed) and one pump on each hand then rub in, you are protected from all airborne bacteria including the Coronavirus.
Apply each morning before going outside and apply as often as necessary when in the office or elsewhere when others around you cough or sneeze. Specially formulated with Hamamelis Virginiana and Melaleuca oil, both known to effectively kill even the most stubborn germs and bacteria we also added alpha-tocopherol acetate to moisturize and nourish your face and hands while protecting your immune system! No other sanitizer works the way Coron-AVoid® does. Breathe easy and rest assured today and every day.

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