Speak Out Customizable T-Shirts & Apparel

Tevfik Steven Harris

We are excited to introduce our Speak Out Customizable T-Shirts & Apparel collection! This new collection is in response to the ongoing marches, protests and calls for social justice. Social change movements like Black Lives Matter will now have be able to custom design their own merchandise like t-shirts, face masks, caps or hoodie jackets. This will allow the real Black Lives Matter protesters to differentiate themselves from others who tend to join the marches with the intent to cause destruction of property and looting, something that the Black Lives Matter movement does not endorse or condone.

With our customizer tool any customer can create a unique product that honors a loved one, expresses an ideal or to make a statement all your own. We thought we'd put the power in your hands and with our customizer tool you have access to our library of fonts and design images. You still have the option to tell us what message you want and on what product and we will design your product based on your words and ideas.

In this climate of social and political unrest, is here to help you make a statement without saying a word. Check us out, customize a product or place an order and leave it to us. We have quick turn-around times getting orders as large as 500 to you in as little as four days (allow more time for orders of 500 or greater).

Supporting Justice for All and liberation from depression here at

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