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The 1 Solution Skin Repair & Moisturizing Gel

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The 1 Solution Skin Repair & Moisturizing Gel
The 1 Solution Skin Repair & Moisturizing Gel
The 1 Solution for All your Skin Care Needs.
I created The 1 Solution after years of trying other products that claimed to help with razor burn, folliculitis (razor bumps) and proper skin moisturizing. More than 10 years ago I decided to make my own formula and it has been working beautifully to even my skin tone, tighten my pores and I haven't suffered razor bumps or razor burn since! What is great about The 1 Solution is that I make it using Pure, All Natural aloe vera and other essential oils. Using the perfect amount of Tea Tree oil and Vitamin E oil in a Pure Aloe Vera base allows the skin to be hydrated all day without looking or feeling greasy and the Tea Tree oil heals and prevents any skin problems like bumps, burn, psoriasis or eczema all while the Vitamin E is evening out any hyperpigmentation caused by past razor burn and blemishes left by those unsightly razor bumps.

After many years of personal use and having close friends and family use it, it was them, my friends and family who became my first avid customers asking me to make more for them each and every time they ran out. They love how easily the product applies and most importantly how their skin feels and glows after using it. Ladies, you will want to use this after washing and before applying your make-up. It helps your skin breathe and it makes removing your make-up so easy you will no longer need those expensive make-up removing wipes! You will immediately notice how radiant your skin is and how your pores sing with pleasure after you apply this all natural skin care solution.

Don't just take my word for it, try one single bottle and I can guarantee you will fall in love with it as I have and as my male and female friends and family have. Guys love it because it is perfect not only for ALL Shaving but it is the perfect beard conditioner. It can even be used on your hair before applying other styling products. The 1 Solution goes directly to where it is needed, the skin. And so when applied to freshly washed hair it travels down the hair shaft directly to the follicle healing dry scalp, dandruff, dermatitis and promoting healthy skin regeneration and hair growth.

This is literally The 1 Solution for All of your Skin & Hair Care needs.

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